Orthopaedics Plus

This website represents the unique effort and platform to :

  • Create awareness about the daily emerging Orthopaedic problems such as Low Backache and Arthritis.
  • Provide solutions to various bones and joints related issues.
  • Blend all the undergraduates and postgraduates under one roof at a single platform to create awareness about the subject.
  • Address all the undergraduates  who are aspiring for postgraduation and all the postgraduates who are hailing through the struggles of the postgraduation training programme specially the DNB trainees. 

Now that we have evolved the subject from Nicholas Andre’s vision of “straightening of a child – Orthos + Paedics” to today’s concept of modern world Orthopaedics where we are dealing with individual subspecialities of Trauma , Spinal pathologies ,  Arthroscopy , Arthroplasty etc. , it is the aim of this portal to endeavour to arm the patients and students with all the important knowledge  and unravel all the mysteries related to Orthopaedics.

Dr. Tushar Mehta