#tusharmehta #aiims #expected 1. Gallow’s Traction – Fracture shaft of Femur used as an Overhead Skin Traction in children less than 2 years 2. In fracture Calcaneum Bohler’s angle is reduced and Crucial angle of Gissane is increased 3. Bankart’s lesion – Avulsion fracture of anteroinferior glenoidal labrum 4. A posterior inferior labral tear, also Read More →

Radial Club Hand : *Longitudnal deficiency of radius *Mostly a bilateral deofrmity *Wrist is in marked radial deviation *Partial or whole of radius is absent *Thumb , scaphoid and trapezium might show diminished growth Syndromic Associations : 1. TAR Syndrome :  T – Thrombocytopenia AR – Absent Radius 2. HOLT ORAM SYNDROME : Fanconi’s anemia Read More →